Sunday, 30 October 2016

Some more TV cereals...

The UFO one made a very good friend of mine laugh quite a lot. ("It's funny cuz that's her name!")

The other one didn't so much...

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Those Other Exciting New Spin-offs from BBCtv's Dr. Who!

With the online premiere of ClassDW looming in the middle distance of this Saturday, the royal we decided it would be a good (and kind of topical) idea to take a look at some the of the Doctor Who spin-offs from the last season we won't be seeing this Christmas. 

Like K9 and Company, they have at least been given the chance of an Annual for their troubles... 

Monday, 17 October 2016

The 2017 TV Annuals - now available!

It's that time of the year where the shelves of WHSmith become cluttered with collections of kids books with large print, colourful pictures, desperately unchallenging puzzles and enough content to fill a medium-sized thimble,

Yes, it's the annual "Annual" season!

Here's this year's choice selection from the House of Andydrewz! 

You can get all these titles from your local Poundland or charity shop from January 2017.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

NEW!!! Royal Star Trek collectables!

Way back in the mists of the 1990s, Adam Richards, Owen Richards and myself produced a fanzine entitled FanGrok. It ran for six issues, contained many scurrilous but amusing articles and was banned in Birmingham. 

One of the less controversial fake ads in it was one for a Princess Diana Star Trek Doll. The idea was to produce a series of similar ads over the course of several issues. 

Well, it's 2016 and I've finally finished the gag...

Unused Lt. Harry Worf

Dr. Who and the Return of Dr. Mysterio!

With the announcement of the 2016 Christmas special of Doctor Who, I've gone and created a retro-70s style Target cover for it.... with a 90s superhero(!). 

Saturday, 8 October 2016

All aboard for the Kembel Express!

Yes, you can now "take them back to Kembel, TAKE THEM BACK TO KEMBEL!" and let the Daleks deal with them aboard the only train designed to carry ALL the alien delegates that formed the Outer Systems Alliance back in TV's The Masterplan of the Daleks

Not suitable for small children due to small parts that fall off it.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

New Vintage Releases from TV's Dr. Who!

A couple of paperback covers featuring Armada books style branding. 

Power of the Daleks is being released on download and DVD shortly. 

And Class is the new spin-off from Doctor Who that begins on BBC3online and BBC1 in a few weeks time.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Whovians in Love - The Complete Collection (so far...)

As promised in an earlier post, here are the links to the various pages that feature Whovians in Love - my somewhat disturbed take on vintage US romance comics and Doctor Who fandom. I believe the current term is 'mash-up'

This is very much a 'housekeeping' exercise. I'm not going to stop doing the covers. Certain folk still find them amusing. I'm not producing new ones for the time being but looking to develop the brand further with some new ideas. I need a bit of time to do this.

They will continue - maybe the odd one over the next month or so - before returning fully in the not-too-distant future. 

Thanks again for all of your kind comments. 

Volume One - click here
(Issues 1 - 6 + special)

Volume Two - click here
(Issues 7 - 12 + special)

Volume Three - click here
(Issues 13 - 18 + special)

Volume Four - click here
(Issues 19 - 23)

Volume Five - click here
(Issues 24 - 29)

Volume Six - click here
(Issues 30 - 35)

Volume Seven - click here
(Issues 36 - 43 + special)

Volume Eight - click here
(Issue 44 - 52)

Volume Nine - click here
(Issues 53 - 61)

Volume Ten - click here
(Issues 62 - 71)

Volume Eleven - click here
(Issues 72 - 78)

Volume Twelve - click here
(Issues 79 - 91)

Volume Thirteen - click here
(Issues 92 - 104)

Volume Fourteen - click here
(Issues 105 - 110)

The Official Tom Baker Orangutan Baby Doll...

In the past, I have made no secret of how disturbing I find those realistic baby dolls you see advertised in cheap TV mags and Sunday colour supplements. 

Imagine my surprise when this week's TV Choice carried an ad for yet another realistic 'baby' doll - but this time in the form of an orangutan. Yes, that's right - an orangutan. Disturbingly realistic looking (at least in the photos) and wearing human baby clothes... 

I had to do something about it... And fast!

Whovians in Love - volume fourteen

Six more editions of Whovians in Love

They've still not stopped...

Monday, 3 October 2016

A Little Bit of Politics...

Apparently, someone in the government has suggested that there be a competition to design the new UK passport.  

Well, here's mine... 

There was also the case at the Conservative Party Conference this week of Anna Soubry's attire and her likeness (not) to a certain temporal investigator...

Whovians in Love - volume thirteen (bumper selection 2)

Here's another thirteen issues of Whovians in Love marking volume thirteen in this on-going series that doesn't particularly want to to stop. I've now done well over one hundred and people still seem to find them amusing. 

I used to have a rule of not running a gag too long in order to keep the blog fun and fresh. Folk have in the past have said "Oh, why don't you do another such-and-such again?" I normally offer the reply that it's no longer funny after the first three or so versions. 

For some reason, the Whovians in Love covers seem to keep coming. I have actually stopped doing them at least three times since the few batch - thinking at the time that they were basically becoming the same gag over and over again. 

The reason I re-started them was being presented with old comic covers that inspire a new take on the format. Each time I do this, it sets me off again - scouring the inter-web for further inspiration. 

They will finish at some point. Hopefully before they outstay their welcome and become dull. 

Just not now.