Saturday, 9 February 2019

Quiz of Rassilon stuff

The Quiz of Rassilon is a lively Doctor Who themed pub quiz that takes place every second Sunday of the month at the Sebright Arms in Shoreditch, London (which is possibly near a certain school but I haven't checked this on Google maps yet). I was asked to design a logo for them. I based it on an nineties TV quiz show theme - the sort that adorned such classic shows as Telly Addicts, Bob's Full House and The Paul Daniels Magic Show - CGI satin-style with lots of bits and  pieces flying around. I also took the liberty of creating the "official" board game that would've come with the show. I hope you like it.

Details about the Quiz of Rassilon and when their next event is can be found either via their Twitter feed @QuizOfRassilon or on their Facebook page here.