Sunday, 23 July 2017

Doctor Who Season Eight Movie Posters...

Following on from my follow on in the previous post, here's some more attempts to scrape the barrel of creativity with the 'Doctor-Who-Movie-Posters' theme. 

Not sure I'll do any more for the time being as the results are getting pretty desperate. 

(There's also a bonus cover from a VERY rare Channel Five VHS release in the late 80s for Colony In Space. TV's Michael Dennis reminded me about it. Thanks Mike! Not alot of people have heard of this curiosity piece... and for good reasons!)

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Doctor Who Season Seven Movie Posters...

Folliowing on from the ones I did for the first three Dr WHOs, here are four for the first season to feature Jon Pertwee in the title role. 

I've broadened the design work a little and some of them may be familiar to movie buffs. 

If not, take a look at the original versions at the foot of this post. 


Monday, 17 July 2017

More 60s Dr Who Movie Poster stuff...

Spurred on by my Edgar Wallace-style Doctor Who film posters, I've broadened the remit to include Patrick Troughton...

(The original Hartnell posters are here.)

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Sapphire and Steel Low Fat Spread...

I've absolutely no idea where this one came from.


Dare You Taste The Wrath of Omega...??

Clayton Hickman (remember him?) posted a picture of former mad Time Lord Omega on Twitter earlier this week. 

He commented on the colourful decor of his 'domain' and someone else suggested it would make a good ice lolly. (You had to be there...) 

Mr. Hickman then drew my attention to the suggestion.

This followed...

Omega in his domain. Note background...

Edgar Wallace presents The Dr Who Mysteries...

Following my recent cardiac episode, one of the best pieces of advice to assist with my convalescence was to invest in a few "box sets" and force myself to chill out and watch them. It gave me a very good excuse to shell out for the complete Edgar Wallace Mysteries box set - twenty discs containing over fifty British 'B' movie crime thrillers from the early sixties - a few of which were actually based on Mr. Wallace's stories. 

There's plenty to keep the rabid Doctor Who happy in this exhaustive collection. William Hartnell is a grumpy police superintendent in one. William Russell pops up in two. Producer Derrick Sherwin is in no less than three of them - one of which he appears as the young romantic lead! Some are great, some are corny. But they are all hugely entertaining.

Included in the box set are booklets containing viewing notes and collections of the various cinema posters used to advertise them. 

Now that I'm virtually back at the computer, I've knocked up a handful of Dr Who cinema posters based on the Edgar Wallace designs. 

Well, I had to didn't I....

Dr Who's Race To Location Filming Game

With filming on Dr Who's Christmas episode now over and the good ship Capaldi slowly sailing off into the sunset, I vented my spleen with the online spoilerers who haunt the DW production team by putting together this little game based on one of those nutty little 'board' games you found in old annuals back in the 60s and 70s. 

All you need is a dice and some counters to play. First player to throw a six goes first. 

Happy times!

Target Capaldi - The complete series ten

With Doctor Who series ten now well and truly over, I've been tidying up my Target covers and they are presented here all in one place with clean versions of the artwork. Some of the clean versions have minor differences and reflect the way I 'adapt' the artwork to fit the text. 

I've also included a slightly different version of the one for Extremis. It has a better image of Joseph Long's Pope. Photos of him weren't released by the BBC until after the episode aired for some reason. 

I hope you like them.