Saturday, 14 September 2019

"A Doctor Who Special" from Target Books!

There were two 'special' Target books published in the late 70s. Edited by the late Terrance Dicks, "The Adventures of K9 and other Mechanical Creatures' and 'Terry Nation's (sic) Dalek Special' were large paperbacks fully illustrated with facts, stories and puzzles from your favourite TV sci-fi show. I couldn't tell you whether they actually sold shed-loads but they were the only two. There were no more... 

Until now...

Here a selections of further 'specials' that could've been but weren't... probably for good reason. 

And if you didn't like them, you can get stuffed... with the amazing Doctor Who Taxidermy Book !

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

More Spin-off Annuals For Dr Who...

With my own convention season over, I can now get back to updating the blog.

Here's a further selection of spin-off annuals for Doctor Who - companions, villains and monsters this time! One or two familiar designs along with original period ones. 

Hope you like them. Let me know on the Twitter - @andydrewz - any further suggestions from the classic series - the odder, the better!