Tuesday, 31 October 2017

The Official WOTAN War Machine Limited Edition Carriage Clock

Christmas is approaching as I've probably said a dozen or so times on the blog already. (Sorry about that but I do need to keep bread on the table.) 

You're probably desperate to purchase a gift for the Dr WHO Whovian who has everything but cannot find anything that isn't already on a shelf gathering dust in that private upstairs spare bedroom of theirs. 

Well, your desperation is at an end with this lovely War Machine Carriage Clock based on the amazing robot men from the 1966 Post Office Tower - as seen in TV's Dr WHO television programme broadcast on BBCtv.

Another five bits of Dr WHO artwork...

What it says for the title of this post... 

Monday, 30 October 2017

Presenting Action VOORD!

The alien Voord! Not exactly the Daleks are they? 

Men in creaky rubber wetsuits with very peculiar helmets and equally weird 'teletubbie' aerials - they fought the first Dr WHO for control of the Conscience of Marinus in story five of the first series. 

And then they were gone... except for an appearance in the first Dr WHO annual!

And that weird comic strip in the Doctor Who Magazine where they turned out to be proto-Cybermen.

And they were recently the subject of a figurine in the Doctor Who Figurine Magazine collection thing.

Yes, apart from all that, they were the proverbial one-hit wonder.

So that's why I now present Action VOORD!

Monday, 23 October 2017

Vintage Patrick Troughton DVD box set as well....

Despite my comment about not thinking a Patrick Troughton Dr WHO DVD box set would work visually in that "olde-60s worlde" style, I did one anyway...

And a variant one for the actual forthcoming Series Ten release featuring everyone's favourite Dr WHO batman...

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

WOTAN coffee table book is required!

Okay, so I did some mock-ups for a WOTAN coffee table book as well... 

You can't have too many Dr WHO coffee table books for Christmas in The Works!

Monday, 16 October 2017

Selected Pages From The New Dr WHO Hardback - Chumbley

There's a new Doctor Who coffee table book on the way to bookshelves shortly. It's called DALEK and is about Daleks. It costs £35.*

I've seen some of the pages from it and have come to the conclusion that I want some of that so here's my attempt at a similar tome dedicated to everyone's 44th favourite Dr WHO monster/robot - the Chumbleys

I've called it "CHUMBLEY"

* If the price is too steep, do bear in mind that last year's similarly lavish coffee table book - The Whoniverse - is currently on the bargain table in WHSmiths for seven quid.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Vintage Season Box Sets For The First Dr WHO

The William Hartnell box set cover seemed to go down well so I've completed the set. I don't think the style will suit Patrick Troughton's Dr WHO though. 

Might need a re-think...

(The first Hartnell box set is here.)

Christmas with the TV's Survivors

It's nearly Christmas again and the shops are full of festive merchandise and cheer. Well they are round my patch...

You may recall the LP "A Very Survivors Christmas" from a few years back based on the Terry Nation series of the 70s. (Not that remake thing with Julie Graham).

Well here's more from that particular selection box.. 

BBC DVD Box Art Re-done

After a particularly heavy week, I felt the need to do something a bit more serious so I did something I'd been meaning to do for some time. That was to clean up and re-do the DVD box art I'd created for myself many years ago for the Quatermass Trilogy. I (like so many others) don't particularly like the artwork that the BBC used on the original release. It looked more Evil Dead then classic BBC drama! 

I had based the design on the classic Penguin Books style and it seemed to work. Folks on Twitter have always shown their appreciation on the look. But it was one of the first mock covers I'd attempted in Photoshop and I certainly no longer had the original layered file on any of my current drives. 

So this new version has been created from scratch and includes a back cover more in tune with BBC DVD releases. It even includes the actual bar code from the commerical version! 

I've also done ones for A For Andromeda and a speculative (but vintage) one for the first season of Doctor Who.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Even More Vintage TV Viewmaster Reels

402nd post and I'm still stuck on viewmaster reels. 

This is the last lot you'll be pleased to know as I'm finally bored with them now. You can probably tell as the humour is starting to look a little desperate now. 

I've also attempted to recreate the sixties packaging as opposed to the rather basic 80s style.