Sunday, 21 December 2014

The BBC's Early Attempts at Doctor Who DVDs

Doctor Who fans don't know how lucky they are. Every available story from the show's 50 year run is now available on digitally restored discs. The first DVD was released a decade and a half ago when the fledgling BBC DVD Exploitation Department tentatively dipped its toe into the already rapidly expanding hi-tech market.

As is usual with public corporations, attempts at anything commercial were mired in the lack-of-imagination of the people making the decisions.

Here - for the first time - are three cover proofs of the BBC's early attempts to market Doctor Who as an ongoing series of DVDs. 

As is always the case with any evidence presented on this blog, it never happened that way at all.

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ADDENDUM: A couple of years ago, BBC Video made plans to re-launch the Doctor Who VHS range. Sadly, bosses at BBC Worldwide scuppered the idea when they suddenly realised they still had a VHS department.

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  1. "Space Pirates created by Derrick Sherwin" Heh. Nice work 😊