Thursday, 4 December 2014

Target: Eccleston!

I went and did my back in the other week getting my Christmas tree down from the loft. This meant - following my doctor's instructions - that I could only stand up or sit bolt upright for the past week. No slouching over computers!!

This is the reason for the lack of updates recently so apologies to anyone who thinks I've let them down.

Also up in the loft is my complete collection of 'Doctor Who' Target novelisations - all of them bar 'The Two Doctors' are first editions. I even have 'The Wheel in Space'. Whoopee-doo!!!

I have to say I loved the earlier covers for the books - the ones by Chris Achilleos (after Frank Bellamy). Their overall design still displays a dynamism often lacking in the modern branding of the series.

Since next year marks the tenth anniversary of the return of 'Doctor Who' to British television (and in order to get back in the swing of things following my sabbatical!), I had a bash at adapting the old Target designs for the first series starring Christopher Eccleston.

They aren't meant to be wholly faithful to the 70s books - just taking the basic design tropes and updating them a bit into a modern version.

Hope you like...

The covers continue with David Tennant's first series here.

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  1. I'm loving the altered episode titles - just like the real thing!