Monday, 15 December 2014

Another Christmasy Post About TV Annuals

It may come as a shock to you but I love old TV annuals! 

No doubt the subtle clues from previous posts on the subject have gone over your heads and the admission comes out of the blue to you.

I have a neat little collection of them stretching from a mint-fresh copy of the very first Doctor Who annual from 1965 (apparently written by the show's original script-editor, David Whitaker!) to a Dick Barton Special Agent annual (based on the late 70s TV series and illustrated in muted 50s hues by V for Vendetta's David Lloyd). 

A year or so ago, when I first started fiddling around in Photoshop, I put together a few annuals that I wished were available back in their hey-day when I was the age of their target market. 

This is a selection of them which I hope you appreciate.

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