Friday, 1 August 2014

The Official Public Sector Technobabble Generator

Anyone who knows me will know that I have two major bees-in-my-bonnet. One is so-called 'Plain English' - the sort that sucks the life out of sentences by simplifying them to the point they become meaningless. 

The other is, oddly enough, 'Corporate Jargon'. In particular the sort of professional jargon that only workers in specific industries - like marketing and the public sector - use but allow to spill over into the public domain. Ugly terms like 'Sustainability' and 'Legacy Projects' will be familiar to fans of the BBC comedy 'Twenty-Twelve' - terms that are rendered meaningless by the fact that the folk who use them can't even agree on what they mean...

The following is my own little contribution to the area. I created it a few years ago whilst I was working for an unnamed city council - though you can possibly guess which one from some of the options below. 

I hope it provides you with at least a few minutes of unbridled pleasure.

Me? I'm off to work further on my "Sustainable Inner-city Re-alignment Initiative."

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