Monday, 18 August 2014

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There were some very odd releases from BBC Records over the years. Not content with providing licence payers with selections from their TV and radio output, the Aunty Beeb label gave us everything from collections of sound effects (Who can forget their 'Off Beat Sound Effects' LP complete with its stern verbal cues) to 'BBC Space Themes' (with a really lightweight cover of the Star Trek theme that appeared to have been performed by an orchestra bereft of bows for their violins).

A particular favourite is 'BBC Detective Themes' with one of the very few recordings of the third season 'Starsky and Hutch' theme that no one remembers. It also had the energetic Kathy Kirby belting out "Leave this man alone!" on the theme from 'Adam Adamant Lives'. At the time I bought the album, I'd never heard of the Victorian adventurer but the camp lyrics left me wanting to do anything but leave him alone.

Here's a selection of some of BBC Records & Tapes' lesser known releases. The 'Survivors' Christmas LP was hastily withdrawn after it was spotted that Lucy Fleming's name had been spelt wrong. You couldn't get the staff then either....

1984 - Read by Derek Griffiths

The Sound of Moog Synthesizer Funk
Doomwatch Sound Effects Vol. 7
A Very Survivors Christmas

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