Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Blake's 7 - The Virgin New Adventures... that weren't

Everybody knows that Virgin published a series of original adventures based on the then cancelled TV series Doctor Who back in the nineties. What you may not know is that, buoyed by their success, someone at the publishing decided they could do the same with the BBC's other sci-fi cash cow, Blake's 7. Though it had to be said that the cow had been fully milked by 1992, it didn't stop them commissioning writers to pen a series of novels that took the crew of the Liberator into worlds "too violent and too camp" for TV screens. 

Rumour has it that the books were curtailed by Terry Nation himself after he discovered that his signature had not been placed over the Blake's 7 logo as per agreement. 

Another rumour says that the books themselves were left to rot in a warehouse until they were sent to Romania to be used as fuel for orphanage boilers. Whilst there is no real proof of this, there is no smoke without fire.

Here's a rare cover proof for the first novel.  

(Sorry about the coffee stain, I had to put my mug somewhere whilst I was writing this rubbish.)

13.08.2014 STOP PRESS: Found some more cover proofs for the other three novels. Sorry, no coffee stain on these.

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