Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Complete History of Dr.Who - part two

by our Sun TV reporter

In an attempt to get more realism into the series, one of Dr.Who’s companions was a junkie called Katie who, in a very nototious episode, tackled a Dalek in the nude! The scene caused much controversy and questions were asked in Parliament.

When John Pertbum left to become Wurzel Gummidge and form his own pop group called The Wurzels, producer John Nathan Turner hand-picked Tom Baker for the part after seeing him in a famous 70s horror film called 'George and the Dragon' in which he played an evil railway station manager who turned into a begonia. The idea provided the inspiration for one of his early classic stories...The Pyramids on Mars.

Things now looked rosy for Dr.Who but soon Mary Whitehouse was on the war path - complaining about the show’s nudity and bad language. BBC bosses were furious and told the producer to turn the series into a sitcom.Tom Baker eventually married his then companion, Mary Tamm - the famous film actress wife of Jon Voight in the movie 'The Oddessaphile' Unfortunately, word got out to the press that he was also having an affair with Leela Ward; another of his companions in Paris. She became pregnant during the filming of 'The Destiny of Dr.Who and the Daleks' and had to go. Tom Baker finally turned to alcohol and became so drunk, he was told to leave, with the producers threatening to replace him with a WOMAN!

After filming his last story, 'Logopopolis' and after a massive 14,000 episodes in the role (making him the longest Dr.Who in the world), Baker left, dying a year or so later, drunk and penniless in a basement flat in Chiswick, South London.

The show went on with child actor Peter Davidson assuming the role of Dr.Who, now played as a cricketing country vet of the 1940s. It was at this point that Dr.Who became huge in America with millions of fans spending lots of money on merchandise and non-recyclable pin badges. To celebrate this, the BBC got together all of the old Doctors and made a special ninety minute film called“The Five Dr.Whos”Richard Harris replaced the late William Hartnell who was dead whilst the late Tom Baker was played by a waxwork, shape-changing robot called K-9.

Eventually Peter Davidson grew too old to play the youngest Dr.Who and was replaced the overhearing actor Colin Farrell who was once famous for playing JR in the British version of Dallas which was about trucks.. Wanting to make himself stand out, he played the new Dr.Who as a tasteless figure who wore loud clothes and shouted and spat at people. Controversy once again raised its ugly head when scenes of Colin eating a live rat were accidentally broadcast during episode three of “The Two Dr.Whos”. Questions were asked in Parliament and, as such, the series was axed.

After fire-bombing the BBC, a team of SAS lesbian fans took Nicholas Witchell and Sue Lawley hostage in the BBC newsroom, in an attempt to gain a reprive for the show. The BBC bought the show back but it was now on trial; quite literally! Colin was found guilty and sent to prison whilst the little Scottish actor Sylvester McStallone took over the main role of Dr.Who again. McStallone decided to play the character as a darker person and wore special boot-polish make-up to make him appear even blacker.

But the series was now too bad to be allowed to continue and the BBC killed it off. Nobody noticed when it stopped being shown opposite EasteNders one stormy night in December 1989.

There was an attempt by Stephen Spielberg to make a big Hollywood movie about it in the mid-nineties with the lead being played by The McGann Brothers - a popular singing quartet from Liverpool  But this was too expensive to make and was eventually adapted into a series of new adventure books instead that were so adult and clever, they were unreadable and were eventually published by Poundland.

to be continued

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