Tuesday, 8 July 2014

What I am and what I do...

Back again.

Those of you who actually know me will call me Andy and recall I'm that bloke who makes piffy comments on his Facebook page mostly about telly and alot about 'Doctor Who'. I also have a habit of producing some odd pieces of graphic design - sometime for legitimate products like DVDs and events, sometimes for completely fake merchandise from my childhood. Here's a brief sample of the latter...

I'll post some of these over the coming days together with some notes which may or may not amuse. 

I'll also use the blog to promote some of the cult TV events I'm involved with. The next one is Whooverville 6 which will be taking place on the last Saturday of August in my home city of Derby. This is the flyer what I did for it.

There's actually a serious mistake on it which I won't point out to you because you are clever and will spot it straight away and won't feel the need to point it out to me as its so bleedin' obvious that I must have spotted it already. 


  1. The mistake; Would that be the mis-spelded word in the very first line of writing?