Tuesday, 8 July 2014

First post...

This is the first bit of writing for my new blog. You don't need to read this as I'm only testing it and getting to know how it all works and shit. If you have read this far, you probably have time on your hands unlike me who never seems to have enough. I honestly don't know why I've typed this much already as it's only just a short bit of writing to see how this thing works as this is my first blog as such. Well, I tried one whilst I was at university but got bored with it as it seemed to be just blogging for the sake of it. I think I made about four posts and gave up. It's still online somewhere - can't remember where or even what I called it. The weather's nice today isn't it? Makes a change. Maybe I should stop writing now as I can't think of anything other than small talk. You still reading this? Then get a life mate.... 

Just going to post an image to see how that works.

Oooo! It does work. Now what.... Maybe I'll come back to this later and explain what I intend to do with this blog when I've thought more about it. I'm so rash. Maybe I won't come back. If I don't, it's been nice chatting to you (though I seem to have been the one doing all the chatting). Otherwise, catch you later.

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