Saturday, 9 August 2014

Great Unreleased Doctor Who Merchandise of the 20th Century - part seven


Test launched in certain areas of England including Tyneside and the West Midlands - c1966

price: unknown but it was in old money

Someone at Kellogg's had a real wheeze. How about a savoury breakfast cereal to go with all those high sugar ones like Ricicles, Coco Pops and Sugar Stars. They came up with PORKY POPS. Just add milk. Essentially, they were balls of pork scratching flavoured with that artificial bacon flavour that's never been within winking distance of a pig - unlike the pork rind. 

Needless to say, the product was not very popular with consumers and had to be withdrawn after an incident in a Wolverhampton motel resulted in the hospitalisation of several guests with suspected food poisoning. The manufacturers insisted it was curdled milk however, the product was hastily withdrawn from what few supermarket shelves it inhabited and was quietly forgotten.

I still have a Slyther badge and a dependence on regular penicillin shots to remind me of those wonderful tasty breakfasts of my youth, 

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