Sunday, 18 February 2018

Rubbish ITV Melkur Sit-coms...

I tend to shy away from doing other folks' suggestions as they are often impossible to realise with the imagery available to me or... well, they just aren't funny enough to grab my funnybone. 

But having been challenged to join in the mischief created in a Twitter thread by @2hrTV following a plea from @The_Cybermatt to Terrance Dicks to stop using the word Melkur in his chapter titles for the novelisation of Doctor Who and the Keeper of Traken (!), I couldn't resist knocking up some visuals for Melkur ITV sitcoms... as you do. 

They're all based on Network DVD covers... and I've included a Frankie Howerd one at @2hrTV's request... 

The posting of these on Twitter has resulted in me being barraged with lists of other rubbish ITV sit-coms with the word Melkur added. 

You can understand how even the funniest joke can wear very thin after a short period of time. 

But then again, that's Twitter humour for you...

(A warning was also received from reader @Gary_Gillat that it does not become us to mock the Melkur. Point taken. I will stop.)

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