Sunday, 3 May 2015

What's this thing for badly drawn Jon Pertwees on advertising stuff?

Jon Pertwee's face appeared on quite a few products during his tenure as the Doctor.

 Some - like the one on the left - are quite disturbing. 

One wonders what the marketing bods back then thought when they gave the go ahead for this artwork for Kellogg's Sugar Smacks... 


Pertwee also appeared on a recipe book for the Co-op - everyone's favourite local supermarket. I've not seen a complete copy since the 70s but images of the grinning actor extolling the virtues of good food abound on the internet. 

And, whilst it's a more jovial improvement on the 'bogey man' Sugar Smacks artwork, it's still not exactly a Frank Bellamy Radio Times cover is it?

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  1. Pertwee had connections. Put it like this: he had friends. I'm saying no more than that. Friends who did contracts. Serial contracts. Big time. I've already said too much.