Friday, 26 September 2014

New: Build Your Own Dalek in Weekly Parts

I love part works - especially the very cheap first issues. 

Thanks to their lovely price tag, I now own a rather nice little figurine of Matt Smith shouting at aliens from 'The Pandorica Opens', a Batmobile from the first Tim Burton film, a top heavy model of the USS Enterprise D and a Victorian pocket watch that doesn't tell the correct time. 

I was lying in bed last night - as you do - and thought wouldn't publishing a part work be an ideal way for the Daleks to invade Earth. I was wide awake and my medication hadn't kicked in. 

No, the idea is reasonably sound. The Daleks have a thing for invading the Earth in the 22nd century. They tried it twice and buggered it up both times thanks to the intervention of TV's favourite Time Lord - the Doctor! 

This time, they publish a part work entitled 'Build Your Own Dalek' - which week-by-week builds not only in a complete library of all things Skaro but also allows the purchaser the 
opportunity to build their own Dalek! 

Obviously, it would take a very long time to supply all the necessary parts - especially the radio active organic bits and pieces. 

But that's the clever bit. By the time all of the part work Daleks are finally constructed, it will be 2150AD (or whatever) and the Daleks would have a ready made army here on Earth without the need for all that flying saucer stuff - which frankly looked kind of rubbish anyway in the original 'Dalek Invasion of Earth'. 

Just an idea anyway... I really should write stories for a living but I get bored easily...

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