Sunday, 22 July 2018

Doctor Who Monsters in their Natural Habitats!

I did a few pics last year of War Machines and Chumblies out in the wild. I've been doing some more and these are they...

A troop of melkur bask in a jungle clearing in the equatorial region of Melkurus.

Wild quarks stalk the volcanic plains of the planet Dominatus.

The alien voord wander through the idyllic bluebell forests of the second continent of Marinus.

Abandoned special weapons Daleks live peacefully at a charity-funded sanctuary in Dorset.

Repurposed Mechonoids have been running Milton Keynes railway station since 2015. The trains still do not run on time...

The ogron breeding programme at Paignton Zoo was started in 1986 and is responsible for releasing over 200 back into the wild.

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