Saturday, 11 April 2015

The Unpublished History of Doctor Who Magazine Publishing

In lieu of any new Doctor Who material this weekend, some more house-keeping for the many new readers I've gained over the past week. 

It's also a bit like that 'Charlie Brooker's Screen Wipe' and any BBC comedy panel show where they can get away with a 'new' episode being a compilation of the 'best bits' from earlier in the series despite having screened only five or so episodes. I'm a bit luckier though. I've got over a 100 posts to pick from... 

These are some of my most popular posts - at least according to the dashboard stats. 

All of them are done in the best possible taste!

Pages from the 'new' partwork coming your way!

The Doctor Who comic spin-off from 'Countdown' and 'TVAction' from 1974-ish

The short-lived 1960s Doctor Who US reprint title featuring the Doctor, John and Gillian from 'TVComic'

The elusive fourth Dalek book that wasn't published in the 1960s - selected pages.

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