Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Target: Capaldi - part one

Yes, it's that time of the month where I post more Target book covers for the current series of Doctor Who

These are Peter Capaldi's first run as "Dr. Who" (his words!) and bring my little project up to date.

Sadly we are at that period where the bods at WHAllen are no longer able to use the likenesses of the current Doctor on the cover so have to make do with finding elements in the actual stories to sell their products. 

I've no idea why there's an issue with using the Doctor's face. Some suggest that the actor was unhappy with his artistic likeness being used whilst others suggest that the licencing fee for his image became too expensive. 

There are others that postulate the theory that the legal bods - having seen Peter Capaldi in 'The Thick of It' thought it was a real documentary and are too frightened to approach the actor for permission... 

Whatever the reason, a mock up of the twelfth Doctor's debut novel featuring his face was commissioned and proofed but, in the tradition of Target books, will not be revealed until a late date... possibly in some magazine article or lavish book about the history of these novelisations. 

UPDATE Target: Capaldi - part one (supplemental) - click here.

Doctor Who will return in "Doctor Who and the Magician's Familiar"

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  1. I had that Terrance Dicks come to my school in 1978 to on a Target Books roadshow. He was great, the first real celebrity any of us ever met. He talked up a storm and treated us like adults and sold/signed a load of lovely new copies of his books. But he did suddenly stop mid-lecture and boom at Deborah Manning (no relation) in a suddenly terrifying voice "IF YOU WANT TO TALK TO YOUR FWENDS I SUGGEST YOU GO OUTSIDE RIGHT NOW BEFORE I GET WEALLY ANGRY WITH YOU!". Many little wees were done.