Friday, 6 March 2015

Another Great Merchandising Failure of the 20th Century

Nolly Flakes - Rose & Lemon Flavour

It seems the contents of this late 60s breakfast cereal were imported from Turkey. No one at the UK manufacturer's office was able to speak or read the Turkish labels on the base product before it was repackaged with Noele Gordon's face on it. 

It was only when a Turkish speaking sales rep from another company spotted one of the labels that they discovered that they were actually selling cheap pot pourri. 

At least consumers breath smelt nice at the start of the day...

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  1. Nolly's fall from Crossroads was the 9/11 of soap scandals. Not even the combined forces of Larry Grayson and Danny LaRue could save her. I still keep hate dollies of the ATV Board on my mantle. They've had so many pins in their bollocks they're more holes than dolls now.