Monday, 16 March 2015

Target: Matt Smith - part one

The Target Books juggernaut moves on!

New stories! New Doctor! New logo! Same old 126 pages of description and dialogue...

To celebrate the dawning of a new eleventh Dr. Who, the marketing bods at Whallen have pulled out all the stops and produced an A4 glossy poster of their forthcoming titles. 

It'll be in the post to all good bookshops shortly and managers can use blu tac to stick it prominently in their shop windows where the public can see for themselves the excitement ahead! 

(If they don't use it, can they mail it back to them as they only have a print run of 500 and fourteen of them were a bit smudged. Thanks.)

1 comment:

  1. Say what you like about The Illuminates of Thanateros, you'd have no trouble adapting that into a Target title. Circa Season 16.