Thursday, 23 October 2014

More caption cards from the BBC Continuity Department (with voice-overs)

"Wanda Ventham and Timothy Carlton star in a new BBC Classics adaptation of 'The Omen'. That's in forty-five minutes after tonight's 'Songs of Praise'"

"Tomorrow's 'Question Time' on BBC1 is presented by David Dimbleby and not an oily toad as listed in some editions of Radio Times!"

"We'd just like to apologise to viewers in the East End of London. It must be awful for you!"

"Paul Darrow is a National Theatre customer. Next tonight on BBC1, the News performed by Peter Woods!"

"You may like to know that exhibitions of costumes from 'The Apprentice' are currently on display at Longleat House in Wiltshire and on Blackpool's Golden Mile."

"We'd like to apologise to viewers of last week's Barbara Mandrell Show for any distress caused when we inadvertently broadcast the wrong episode."

"Su Pollard, Anouska Hempel and Barbara Dickson join Paul Daniels in his new quiz show after more cat and mouse antics with Tom & Jerry!"

"Tonight's Weather Report will be hot, sweaty...................... and hard!"

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