Saturday, 4 October 2014

I did some book covers for the movie Amityville Playhouse

A good friend of mine is John R. Walker. I designed the cover to his memoir of being a very busy supporting artist a few years ago. It was quite a successful little independent book that found plenty of publicity in the national press and even made an appearance (along with John) on the first series of 'Dave Gorman's Modern Life is Good-ish'.

John approached me earlier this year to produce some further book covers, only this time the books would not be published! 

They were dummy covers needed for prop books in a movie he was directing in Canada. The movie has the title 'Amityville Playhouse' and is due for release in 2015. The books are ones used by a character in the movie researching the history of the infamous town and its alleged supernatural legacy. John recently returned back to the UK following the film's shoot in Canada.

Here's a taster of the book covers. I have yet to see the props "in action". 

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