Wednesday, 5 September 2018

The Complete Doctor Who Season 19 Box Set... on VHS!

It's only a few months until the nineteenth season of Doctor Who makes its debut on shiny new Blu ray discs. 

Here's a version for the more budget conscious fan with too much spare shelf space... and a yearning for 80s tech nostalgia.

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Monday, 3 September 2018

Alternative 60s 'Dalek' Books

Terry Nation and his mates produced three Dalek annual-style books back in the 60s. The Dalek Book, The Dalek World and The Dalek Outer Space Book. Needless to say, they are classics of their kind. Pure Nation and pure Dalek-ness. 

I did some sporadic abuse on the covers many moons ago to produce some alternate versions but it was early days and the work on them was a bit variable. So I've gone back to them and created something a bit more slicker. I'd even added a new Quarky varient...

These are they... 

Hardback notebooks based on these designs (along with some others that may be familiar to regular viewers of my tat) are now available from my RedBubble store here.

Friday, 10 August 2018

This year's TV annuals - now unavailable!

Well, after a plea for suggestions on the Twitter, here's this year's selection of annuals based on current TV shows. 

I had over a hundred replies. A lot of them repeated the same ones and some included old TV shows despite my request for current ones to get the treatment. (THREE requests for Howards Way!!!). 

Obviously not used all of them. Not because they aren't good ideas in themselves but I also have to take into account the availability of images and also how amusing the final product will look. 

Particularly pleased with the Very English Scandal and Countryfile ones. The former shows that you can take a selection of images from any TV show and completely change the concept of the show with the right (or wrong!) branding. The Countryfile one is, though I say so myself, a nice piece of work but that's only because it looks so much like the original Brilliant Book of Doctor Who. And the title "Countryfile" can easily be made to fit the "Doctor DW Who" logo of recent years. Not many show's titles could do that. 

Thanks to everyone who took the trouble to reply. I'm sorry but I can't return any but there isn't a prize for all those that I show.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

The Very Best of BBC DVDs...

A Twitter comment about the blandness of early BBC DVD branding prompted someone to recall the "Best of Doctor Who" DVD covers I did a few years ago. That post is here.

So realising that the original gag hadn't gone far enough, I did some broader versions of them with other subjects. I think the joke has finally worn a bit thin now.

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Jodie Whittaker on old Doctor Who Annuals... continued...

The picture of the 13th Doctor on the cover of the second 5th Doctor annual (the 1985 one I think) seems to have gone down well on the Twitter. Well, Clayton Hickman got vibes from it at least. 

I had thought I'd deleted the original version but on looking found that I hadn't. 

It's actually composed of a shot of Jodie from the SDCC Fashion Show she gatecrashed combined with a similar shot to the one used on the original annual - one of the 5th Doctor, Tegan and Turlough in the TARDIS control room from Terminus. Jodie is hiding the Doctor whilst the companions have been removed and (crudely) replaced with cloned roundels from other parts of the picture. I've also had to add costume elements to Jodie as she wasn't in full costume. 

It's all a bit rough and ready. There's no texture on her culottes. The pic wasn't meant to be seen in its entirety as part of the annual cover.

But here it is... together with a version of it tarted up to look like an issue of Doctor Who Weekly.


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