Friday, 7 November 2014

Official Doctor Who Producers Fun Trumps - Out Now!

Top Trumps are great aren't they?


Well, I think they are. Especially the ones where the values seem really arbitrary and are just there to make the game fairer for the shitty cards. 

I was commissioned by a popular games company - who shall remain nameless but have a 'monopoly' on board games - to produce a set of 'Fun Trumps' (Apparently, TOP Trumps are someone else's property!)

I picked 'Classic Series Doctor Who Producers' as my theme and set about putting them together. I spent over an hour on this and it shows. 

And please don't complain to me or the manufacturers about the fact that there's only nine cards in a deck. Blame the BBC for not hiring enough producers. 

This wouldn't have happened in the US...

Click for even larger...!

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