Sunday, 1 April 2018

The Doctor Who Woman Book - Fixed and Re-done...

I don't usually go back and redo things.

Oh alright I do. I lost many of the original Photoshop files of my early work when my old PC went down the creek a few years ago so I had to redo a number of them from scratch when I came to create postcards and populate my RedBubble shop with stuff folk can actually buy. Or not, looking at the sales figures.

However, I made a huge mistake (even by my standards) on my Doctor Who Woman Book last year by using totally the wrong version of Futura on it. I didn't notice at the time. There's a point where you make a mistake so often it starts to look right and it also affected some of my later Target Book covers. I was grateful to the lovely (and always helpful) Clayton Hickman for pointing it out but not so happy that I'd missed such a glarring error.

Anyhow, here's a revamped version of The Target Doctor Who Woman Book. The gags are the same rather desperate ones that were in the original, just the fonts have been changed to protect the dignity of the design hack behind them.

Click the images to make them a bit more legible.

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