Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Timelord Special - 100% Unofficial and Independent!!!

There's a publication out there - on the streets of Britain. A magazine apparently a souvenir of the BBCtv series Doctor Who. But it's cover suggests that it's 100% independent and unofficial - which kind of rules out the official Doctor Who magazine. 

Needless to say the care taken with it's production is evidently clear on its cover which features a carefully crafted montage of all of the Doctors - including Richard Hurndall taking his rightful place as the first Doctor.

I've yet to see the actual magazine in question - other than a photo of its cover gleaned from the Instagram account of a fellow Dr Who fan who goes by the unlikely name of Russell T Davies (!). 

For that reason, I've delved into my grimey subconscious and imagined its horrifying contents... 

Read on if you dare, faithful viewer.  


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