Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Crown Court Lives Again!!!

Crown Court was an ITV drama based around fictional legal cases in the equally fictional town of Fulchester. It ran from 1972 until 1984 and was a fixture of ITV's fledgling daytime schedule when they finally decided that viewers were actually at home during the day. 

Each story - comprising of three half hour episodes - took the viewer through the legal proceedings of each case. At the climax of each case, a jury comprised of 11 members of the public and someone with an Equity card decided the verdict based on what they had seen. The verdicts were unscripted. Despite its age, it is still compelling viewing. 

For more information, check out Ivan Kirby's merticulous case-by-case blog here or go out and buy some of the DVDs from Network here. There are already eight volumes available.

The sudden and inexplicable rise in popularity of the 70s afternoon drama Crown Court has taken every body by surprise. But not the crafty merchandisers here at the House of Andydrewz

Figurine of Jeremy Parsons QC (Richard Wilson)

Figurine of Barry Deeley (John Alkin)

Crown Court comic - Issue 1

Crown Court comic - Issue 2


  1. Which issue is the figure of the lovely Dorothy Vernon as Helen Tate in? :)

  2. I am a huge fan of Crown Court; how or where can I purchase the Barry Deeley figurine/issue?