Monday, 3 October 2016

Whovians in Love - volume thirteen (bumper selection 2)

Here's another thirteen issues of Whovians in Love marking volume thirteen in this on-going series that doesn't particularly want to to stop. I've now done well over one hundred and people still seem to find them amusing. 

I used to have a rule of not running a gag too long in order to keep the blog fun and fresh. Folk have in the past have said "Oh, why don't you do another such-and-such again?" I normally offer the reply that it's no longer funny after the first three or so versions. 

For some reason, the Whovians in Love covers seem to keep coming. I have actually stopped doing them at least three times since the few batch - thinking at the time that they were basically becoming the same gag over and over again. 

The reason I re-started them was being presented with old comic covers that inspire a new take on the format. Each time I do this, it sets me off again - scouring the inter-web for further inspiration. 

They will finish at some point. Hopefully before they outstay their welcome and become dull. 

Just not now. 

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