Monday, 2 May 2016

The Twelfth Doctor's Target Adventures...

I made a decision early on not to include Peter Capaldi's face on the cover of my Target book designs. It was certainly not dues to any antipathy I have towards the actor. On the contrary, I love him - the best thing to happen to Doctor Who in at least a decade. No. The idea was to homage the period during the publication of the original novelisations when the current Doctor's face was absent from them for legal reasons (apparently resulting from a misunderstanding between the publishers and the BBC at the time regarding the lead actor's permissions). 

The recent exhibition of original Target book art at the Cartoon Museum in London has prompted me return to these covers - in particular the one for 'Genesis of the Daleks' which also adorned the cover of issue 499 of Doctor Who Magazine

Based on 'Genesis of the Daleks'
With nothing much happening over the May Day bank holiday, I thought it would be nice to create some more covers based more obviously on these classic designs. I did three and might do more but as always, it depends on the material and whether I can get it to look right. 

I hope you like them.

Based on 'Revenge of the Cybermen'

Based on 'Doctor Who and the Cybermen'

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