Sunday, 1 May 2016

Revised Cover for Destiny of the Doctors PC Computer Game

Dug out my copy of the 'Destiny of the Doctors' PC game earlier today. It's nearly twenty years old which I suppose makes it over 50,000 years old in computer years. 

It really struck me that the cover is an absolute shower. An out-of-focus Dalek, a Cyberman with part of his handles missing and one of the crap Silurians from Warriors of the Deep

I thought I could make a better one but I couldn't... 

The back has a picture of each of the Doctors except for Paul McGann - who had starred the year previous to the game's release in a big budget TV movie version of the show. A deliberate omission? 

I tried to correct it with an official BBC publicity still... 

There's also a little instruction booklet with all the usual technical stuff in it together with a page - well, half a page - of KEY FACTS about TV's Doctor Who. I include it here as the information contained within these three bullet points offers a rare and thought-provoking insight into the series and the high esteem it was held in by BBC Worldwide at the time... 

(Please note that I haven't tampered with the final image whatsoever.)

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