Monday, 22 February 2016

Sydney Newman's Dr Who Cuckoo Clock...!!

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Regular visitors to this blog will know my fascination with "Official Doctor Who Collectors' Items". You know the stuff - plates, teddy bears, chess sets, table lamps etc... 

Richard Bignell [@NothingLane] - who should be familiar to Doctor Who fans from his 'Now & Then' features on the BBC Doctor Who DVDs and from being one of DWm's original 'Time Team' tweeted a scan of a 1965 BBC memo from Sydney Newman. In it, Newman thanked the "Asst. to H.B.Tel.E" (?) for a list of merchandise based on his beloved Doctor Who. He was, however, disappointed to discover that a licenced cuckoo clock was not on the list... "Where are they?" he asked.

Well, Mr. Newman... Over fifty years late but here they are. 

Or rather an artist's impression... 

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