Sunday, 26 October 2014

Happy 60s Dr Who Halloween!

Kids love Halloween and dressing up as their favourite ghost, ghoul, monster or Marvel superhero. Back in the 60s, there was a couple of Dalek dressing-up costumes available. One consisted of a red plastic vinyl skirt and a cardboard laundry basket and looked as much like a Dalek as it did a Taran Wood Beast... Kids of the 60s were less fussy and put up with it.

There were some other 'Doctor Who' costumes available from the same manufacturer. I've just been up into the loft to hunt mine out ready for the big day next week. 

Alas, they are no longer in their original mint condition. The entire Voord costume has decayed and crumbled to dust as is the case of any cheap latex product. 

And the Zarbi is missing its mandibles. 

As for the Monoid, I bought it off Ebay as an original factory-sealed product for a considerable sum of money. There is something inside it but breaking the seal will lower the value of this highly sought-after collector's item. 

And knowing my luck, there's probably just a crappy 'Star Wars' Emperor costume inside it...

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  1. i think the Monoid costume were just recycled Beatles wigs that didn't sell in '64