Saturday, 11 March 2017

That 1940s Doctor Who Radio Serial...

I've recently been listening to the old Dick Barton radio serials. Or at least the 1950s Australian re-recordings of them. Virtually all of the original BBC episodes are lost and only a tiny handful exist in the archives. The re-recordings were made when the serial was sold to Australia and have been released on CD by BBCAudio. 

It's unclear from the CD sleeve notes whether these 'new' versions were made by the BBC or were produced in Australia. the quality of some of the accents suggests the latter(!)

For some reason, I always had Dick Barton as a wartime hero - something to keep the moral up on the wireless during the blitz. Obviously he isn't. He's just been demobbed in his first episode and bored of life on civvy street. 

Anyhow, this is a roundabout way of bringing me round to this little effort I put together...

The Original Radio Serial of "The Mysterious Doctor Who" - broadcast on the BBC during the war. 

It's not real but I have enough scribbled down material -not shown - to make it real if any producer wants to commission it. (If they do, they really need to listen to the aforementioned Dick Barton recordings to see what the finished product would sound like. When they have listened, they may have second thoughts...) 



  1. With Dick Barton, whether it was recorded in the UK or overseas, depends on which Dick Barton release you're listening to. As you say, many were re-recorded for international distribution (from the original scripts) for broadcast in places like New Zealand, South Africa and Australia.

  2. The two I have are The Li-Chang Adventure and The case of Conraf Ruda.