Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Mondan or Mondasian Cybermen are back....

The original Cybermen appear to be returning to Doctor Who in the new series. The BBC have released a rather moody picture of Peter Capaldi being menaced by a few slightly updated ones in a hospital corridor. And last night (5.3.2017), the internet was awash with a myriad of out-of-focus silver giants invading the streets of Cardiff as episodes 11 & 12 were filmed. 


Who the f*** came up with the word 'Mondasian'? It certainly isn't part of the TV canon... I much prefer the term 'Mondan' - sounds so much better is probably more accurate. 

Anyhow, it all gave me an excuse to finish this little effort off that I started last year... and got bored with.

I also produced a slightly updated version.


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  1. If only these annuals were real!! I'm loving the return of "proper" cybermen instead of the suits of armour poundland knock offs we've had to endure of late...