Thursday, 2 February 2017

Doctor Emu - Rare Merchandise...

The recent Time Capsule article by Gary Gillette in Doctor Who magazine (508) featured a short but detailed look at the handful of Doctor Who spoofs on Emu's Broadcasting Company in the late 70s. 

I used to love these - as well as the show as a whole. There's something about a timid Australian with huge ginger sideburns and a moth-ridden, homicidal emu puppet that appealed to me back then. 

Sadly, it must be one of the few Doctor Who-based BBC comedy sketches that didn't turn up as an extra on one the official DVDs - despite the fond memories fans of a certain age have of them. 

In honour of my fellow Emuvians, I've knocked these up in celebration of the resurgence of the wirly Time Bird and his never-ending battle with the deadly Dustbins... 


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