Thursday, 12 January 2017

Those New Spin-off Annuals From TV's Sherlock...

Each year I produce a selection of annuals for the Christmas period. In 2015, I did one for a Sherlock spin-off series featuring Mycroft Holmes. I posted it on here - along with some others - and then it went the way of all things.

Last week, following her sterling work in the second episode of the fourth series, I posted a cover for a Mrs. Hudson Adventures annual. 

It seems to have gone down well with tweeterers. It got mentioned by the Radio Times and was featured on the #SherlockReacts show on the official BBC Sherlock channel. 

Never one to leave a gag untold and to always wring the last drop of humour from it, I did a handful of other Sherlock spin-offs and posted them to Twitter. 

Needless to say, the response has been underwhelming...

Here they are anyway... 

(By the way, I have one final Sherlock spin-off annual to post but I won't be doing it until Sunday evening on the Twitter due to potential SPOILERS!) 

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