Monday, 15 August 2016

Whovians in Love special emergency topical edition!

Someone put a fake eBay listing up for episode one of the missing Doctor Who adventure 'The Savages' last week. At the risk of sounding arrogant, it didn't fool me and just looked a bit like a desperate cry for help and attention. Some dreadful photoshopping - worthy of my early efforts on this blog - coupled with the usual vague details of provenance one associates with this sort of 'wheeze'. 

Sadly, a small number of fans were taken in by the scam. Even more sadly, a large number were also 'up-in-arms' about it despite seeing through the attempted deception meaning the perpetrator gained even more publicity oxygen. 

My attempt to create a missing episode fragment is to the right... IT IS A FAKE! 

Anyhow, my usual absurd view of the world was applied to the sorry situation and, at the risk of giving him more net-time, I came up with this rather angry issue of Whovians in Love

Happy days! 

Also fake!

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