Friday, 8 July 2016

New French Doctor Who novel reprints... in English!

Back in the late 80s, French television purchased Doctor Who. To tie in with their screening, some of the original Target novels were translated into the native tongue and published with colourful new covers. Looking at them now, eyes are drawn to the two young gentlemen and the legend 'Igor et Grichka Bogdanoff presentent'. These were two presenters who fronted the sci-fi magazine show 'Temps X' which screened Doctor Who as part of its programming - in much the same way that Noel Edmonds presented episodes of 'Josie and the Pussycats' as part of his 'Multi-Coloured Swap Shop'. 

Eight books suffered this fate and whilst they have become the obligatory 'rare collectors item' so loved by eBay sellers, the Bogdanoff twins lived on to become something only suitable for a late night screening. (See foot of page.) 

In an attempt to make the old episodes of Doctor Who more relevant to young people, I was commissioned to translate these books back into English and provide new colourful covers for them. I also took the liberty of finding a pair of odd twins to 'present' them. 

Igor et Grichka Bogdanoff these days.... Sorry. 

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