Friday, 8 January 2016

Dr Who Activity Books for Christmas 1974!

Since Doctor Who returned in 2005, there have been a plethora of children's activity books. From the usual colouring books to the more specific 'Regeneration Activity & Sticker Book', there seems to be no end of them.

Back in the 70s, World Distributors came up with a handful of colouring books - particularly later into Tom Baker's run as the Doctor.

With my interest in creating new vintage Target covers for the classic series waning a little, I thought it would be fun to adapt Tom's first season into a series of World Distributors 70s-style activity books. 

In an alternate timeline, these were hastily created for the 1974 Christmas marker and to tie-in with the new Doctor's debut over the festive period. As such, precious little photographic material was available and the compilers of these gems had to use what little was freely available... 

They did try though...

(...despite Terry Nation's agent not playing ball again!)

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