Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Classic Doctor Who novels re-branding - Season eight

With some time on my hands and my funny bones being afflicted with temporary paralysis, I needed a bit of a creative outlet over the holiday period. 

As long time observers of this blog have seen already, I managed to complete vintage style retro covers for the whole of the 60s era of Doctor Who late last year. At the time of completing these, I think I made it it clear that I saw no reason for continuing into the third Doctor stories for the simple reason, the covers would just be retreads of their contemporary counterparts.

I've sort of changed my mind on that. I did a handful of retro covers for these stories using unusual images and their early working titles (These are located here.)

I decided to take it a little further and began 're-branding' the novels from Terror of the Autons onwards. (I missed out season 7 for reasons I still can't quite fathom.) 

Top of the re-branding was using a non-BBC logo for the series. Keen collectors of Dr Who novels will no doubt recognise the 'new' logo from the Armada paperback edition of David Whitaker's novelisation of the first Dalek adventure - suitably touched up and re-coloured where necessary. An "Authorised Edition"/BBC logo adds to the effect of giving the new designs a bit of a World Distributors/Target books hybrid look and adding to the 70s feel of them. 

I hope the effect is pleasing. I certainly enjoyed doing them. The second batch will follow shortly.

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