Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Quatermass and the New Covers...

I've not done much since the current series of Doctor Who ended - mostly on account that Christmas is a bit of a busy time for me.

In what little spare time I had, I managed to revisit the original BBC Quatermass serials again. 

As long time followers of the blog know, I was never too impressed with the cover that the BBC gave the trilogy when they released it on DVD back in 2005. I knocked up one of my own instead based on the old Penguin books template. It was one of my first efforts in designing such things in Photoshop.

I've gone back to that design and created some faux paperback covers for the series. All of the images were originally black and white and have been tinted by me. I also had to sneak a pic from the Hammer film of Quatermass II as the sum total of usable on set stills from that serial numbers only two. 

I think they capture the flavour of the serials. I hope you like them. 

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the link, Andrew!
    They are stunning covers!
    Really falling in love with your work. Wish I knew how to do it!