Monday, 2 November 2015

Vintage Doctor Who Target Book Covers - season one

This is a little project I started a month or so back. The idea was to take unusual images from the early years of Doctor Who and meld them with the original design that Target books used for their novelisations back in the mid-seventies. It did get a bit out of hand with some of the designs becoming more complex and breaking the Target style guide. But - at the end of the day - the whole point was to have a bit of fun and recreate the feeling of the original Target books. 

I'll be posting the covers on a season-by-season basis. As is my want, I didn't produce the covers in a strict chronological order so there's not any kind of progression of styles as the seasons unfold. Hopefully this will add to the variety of the cover designs. 


  1. Brilliant! I started a similar style with the new series, it's on gallifreybase. But these are wonderful!

  2. Some lovely designs there. I particularly like the first one. Striking!