Monday, 9 November 2015

Ian Chesterton and the Lusts of the Slyther

The RT Dr. Who Tenth Anniversary Special - page nine
I was looking through my copy of the Radio Times Doctor Who Tenth Anniversary Special the other day - seeking out some inspiration for my vintage Target book covers. 

It's still a fun read. The episode guide, in particular, is a mine of misinformation and crimes against the written word. 

One peculiar sentence really struck me though. Buried deep within the synopsis for 'World's End' - better known these days as 'The Dalek Invasion of Earth', is a reference to Ian Chesterton facing "the lusts of the Slyther". The mind boggles - especially when one recalls the scenes in question in the broadcast version.

To make matters worse, the Slyther itself is described as "the Dalek's man-eating pet". Ouch on that possessive apostrophe too!

It didn't stop me from adding to the small collection of period spin-off novels featuring The Assistants of Doctor Who though...

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