Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Doctor Who on the Planet of the Daleks - the musical!

Back in the mid-seventies, a lavish stage production of Doctor Who hit the London stage. 

Sadly, Jon Pertwee - the then current Doctor - declined to appear, having just announced his departure from the role. And the role was taken by former War Games Time Lord, Trevor Martin in a new adventure with the snappy title 'Doctor Who and the Daleks in the Seven Keys to Doomsday'.

It's a little known fact that the genesis of the Daleks on stage actually began a year or so earlier with plans to turn the series into a lavish 70s style musical. Pertwee was still interested, Terry Nation had adapted his recent 'Planet of the Daleks' episodes and the talented composers/lyricists - Leslie Bricuss & Anthony Newley-  had begun penning the songs. 

Sadly. as with all of these ventures I've uncovered over the past year or so, it was not to be. 

The reasons are too complicated to go into now but involved a legal dispute by members of the Dalek operators union who demanded danger money and a matress in the orchestra pit for working on a raked stage. 

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  1. It's always the way with the truly original ideas that we never see them. I remember putting £300 into a Magpie musical circa 1975. We had Stranks, we had Robertson, Hanley was at the point of signing and Bastable was on a plane from Belgrade go ink his signature. What went wrong? Fucking Stilgoe is what. Him, Skellern and Mary Hopkin had double-booked the Theatre Royal Drury Lane with some tragic Cole Porter review thing. I remember it got heated: me and Bastable took Stilgoe out the fire exit of the Earl of Cambridge and had him up against the wall for three solid days but he just smirked at us, the toerag. I also had money in Granada's Albert Tatlock musical. We'd workshopped the best bloody version of 'Don't Forget The Old Folk This Christmas' you've ever seen and what does the old boy do? Goes and dies on us. Don't fire OAPs out of cannons into a fake giant Christmas puddings folks! Or if you do, remove the sharp metal objects.