Friday, 7 August 2015

The Official Edge of Darkness Annual 1986

Following my announcement of this year's annuals, I was distressed and dismayed - and to be honest completely disinterested - to receive a tweet from one of my loyal Twitter followers - Si Hodges is his name - telling of his disappointment over the fact that there was no 'Edge of Darkness' annual amongst the current crop. 

As I am essentially a 'nice' person, I hate to see my friends upset and set to work on remedying the situation. I spent much time in the loft rummaging about and after several minutes, I came up with this...

Yes, it's not much is it? But then this is the 1980s we are talking about.... (although eagle-eyed readers will probably spot the fact that I used the 1975 Doctor Who annual as partial inspiration for the lay out!)

I'm also indebted to Twitter followers Duncan Steele, Simon Hemsley, Dominator Rago and Wyfan for their helpful suggestions at content for the annual - An 'Escape from Northmoor' maze, "Grow Your Own Black Flowers" etc... £2 Woolworths Star Letter Gift Tokens are winging their way to you through the virtual post*.

*Statement of intent to send out a £2 Woolworths Gift Token to a person is not real and only part of a running gag. Gift Token no longer valid and non-existent. No cash alternative. A joke.

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