Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Blake's Kingdom - the theme park experience for all the family!

Being a veteran of the theme park entertainment experience, I'm always on the look out for the latest in days out for all the family. (I'm not really as I'm single and don't get out much but it sounds like a better opening sentence for this post than "I'm a lonely middle-aged man living on his own in the East Midlands...") 

Theme parks need themes. So as Disney announces that it plans a 'Star Wars Land', I've looked back into my extensive archives - a box file next to the gas meter under the stairs - and re-discovered this little foreshadowing of the famed Mickey Mouse company's latest plans.

Behold..... BLAKE'S KINGDOM!!

(Inspired by a tweet by Mr. C Hickman.) 

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  1. Could've sworn this said "Blakey's Kingdom" until I clicked on it. There was in fact a John Inman Family Freedom Park in Perth. It had to close when the competition from Peter Wyngarde World became too much. Someone's just told me Noel Edmonds had his own theme park in the 1990 but I'm not falling for that one.