Tuesday, 30 June 2015

New Series Doctor Who Target Books Without Cover Text

Despite my preference for doing humourous stuff, it seems that my efforts on creating faux Doctor Who Target book covers for the new series - from Rose to Last Christmas - have gone down quite well with folk. 

Thanks to some mentions on various sites and podcasts, they still remain the most popular posts on this blog. 

Also had some very nice comments about them. 

I'm hoping to produce some proper prints of selected ones shortly and I'll keep you posted as to their availability.

I've had a few requests to post some of the original Target designs without text. 

So here's a selection of my favourites...

Love and Monsters
End of the World

Day of the Moon


The Girl Who Waited

A Good Man Goes To War

The Day of the Doctor (1)

The Day of the Doctor (2)

Dark Water
The Bells of Saint John

The Last Cyberman

Voyage of the Damned

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